First Blog Post – Good and Bad Luck

So, this is my first blog post on here and I have to say that it feels pretty alien talking about myself, but I’ll certainly do my best.

I’ve had a strange few weeks full of mixed emotions. I’ve felt really positive and productive in terms of my novel, making submissions, creating a new Twitter account dedicated to my writing and promoting. I’ve had a few rejection e-mails, which fortunately hasn’t dampened my motivation, if anything it’s made me more motivated to get my novel out there.

Outside the world of writing and as of this weekend I’ve had car troubles (few warning lights and darn speedometer doesn’t want to tell me how fast I’m going) and the ceiling in one of the rooms in my house collapsed following a leaky roof, so my Mum is in the process of trying to claim on the house insurance (but will probably fail to). So in a way, I have been throwing myself into my writing as a productive distraction, along with other hobbies of mine, such as drawing and painting.


In all honesty, I never thought that I would be a writer. Even now, I still struggle to refer to myself as one. I feel like I should have a degree in English Literature or something, although I do have one in Criminology and Sociology, so I suppose that counts for something. I’m glad that I took a leap and started this journey though, as I’ve had the story in my head since I was a teenager, which feels far too long ago now. It just shows that some New Year’s Resolutions can be stuck to and accomplished!

Now that I’ve finished Book One, I’m in the process of querying and making submissions to agents/publishers. It is tough, especially when there isn’t a set template to follow (i.e. a short synopsis vs. full synopsis, the first three chapters/50 pages/10,000 words etc). It can get quite confusing, but then I never expected it to be easy.

I was pleasantly surprised this weekend to receive a reply to a query that was incredibly constructive and wasn’t a complete rejection if I implemented changes that they recommended (changing from first person to third person). So I do plan to start making the amendments and then try again to see if it piques their interest a bit more to consider looking over more material or even the complete manuscript. Regardless, it’s exciting and the first positive response that I’ve had and I don’t intend to waste the opportunity.



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