Write, eat, sleep, repeat.

I’ve had a busy few days in terms of writing since I began editing my manuscript and changing it from first to third person. I really wish that there was an option on Word to do exactly that but alas, no. Perhaps one day… (PLEASE).

The first few pages in, I noticed that I was making a few more changes than just ‘I’ to ‘She’ and ‘my’ to ‘her’, and then I thought, Bugger! The obsessive-compulsive in me piped up and I started thinking, maybe I should do another proper edit. I had to remind myself that the current task was my priority and once that’s finished, if I choose to edit the original (first person) version again, I will.

Another revelation that I’ve had this week is how impressive Twitter is. I’ve never made much use of it on a personal level but since I created an account dedicated to my writing, I’ve realised how useful it is. There’s such a massive community of writers, literary agents, publishers, and I have to say that it’s given me such inspiration and motivation. Writing is quite a lonely task and it’s easy to forget that you’re not the only person in the world in precisely the same boat, so it is quite nice to feel like you can relate to so many people across the planet.

Outside of my little writing bubble, I had a lovely Valentine’s Day spent with my boyfriend. We went to see the awesome John Wick: Chapter 2, continuing the romantic theme from last year when we saw Deadpool (we just love a good bloody action movie!) In a packed out cinema, I genuinely think I had the loudest gasps out of everyone in there. So embarrassing. It was good though and I’d definitely recommend it, particularly for anyone that saw the first film. We also went for a meal at Bella Italia and then watched Hell’s Kitchen in the evening, like we always do on a Tuesday. Got to love Gordon Ramsay.


Thankfully I’ve got my car being looked at on Saturday to see if the warning lights can be identified and speedometer issue can be fixed. I do feel pretty lost without my car as I live out in the sticks and it’d take me at least an hour to walk anywhere close to civilisation. Fortunately I have an awesome best friend whose house I often visit as she works from home, so we keep each other company while working and writing, as well as the fact that she often feeds me (her cooking skills are out of this world) and she has a much better internet connection, and she kindly offered to give me lifts this week while my car has been out of action. Love you, Leanne!

I’m taking a bit of a break today (Friday) as my writing has been quite full-on this week, so I’ve spent some time outside with our dogs, chickens and geese (although I have a love-hate relationship with the latter – I love them, they hate me – and I have many bruises to prove it!) I’ve also got a nice fire going, which is often a necessity in my chilly house.



Happy weekend everyone!


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