Still stranded.

So, I’m still without a functioning car and it’s driving me a little crazy. I had a friend of a friend run a diagnostics test on it at the weekend and found a few possibilities of what could be wrong with it, which revolve around the ABS. Apparently it could be as simple as a sensor or as costly as an ABS pump. I’m glad that I worked for a car parts company in the past as it gives me an idea of the cost of parts at the very least. Regardless, I just want to know now but my actual mechanic can’t look at it properly until Saturday, and even then I’ll still have to wait for the parts to be ordered and fitted. Bleurgh. I’m nothing if not patient.

Another ongoing stressor is that of our leaky roof and collapsed ceiling. Today, I had to climb on the roof and take pictures for my Mum to send to the insurance company, which reminded me of being a kid again and exploring, but also reminded me of my terrible fear of heights. I also took a picture of where the ceiling collapsed to send as well. Just to show you the extent of the current damage…



I’m back to editing today after a bit of a dreary weekend mood-wise. Fortunately, the weather has been quite nice so it’s lifted my spirits a bit. I’ve spent the afternoon around my friend Leanne‘s, editing, drinking tea and occasionally petting her adorable Samoyed fluffball, Magnus. I get far too distracted by cute animals.

I’m currently up to the middle of Chapter 9 out of 36 / Page 23 out of 145 (in Word document terms) and I have been struggling to concentrate a bit. I don’t think it’s helped that the chapters I’ve gone through so far today have been gradually building up to the action, whereas I love going through the action scenes and don’t find that as much of a chore.

Doing another edit after a period away from writing has shown me how much I ramble. I mean, I know I ramble. Everyone that knows me knows that I ramble and even joke about “Sam’s stories” because I take so long to explain things. But blimey, I do write excessively long sentences sometimes! It’s a massive learning curve but definitely one I needed to address. Hopefully it’ll improve the way my novel comes across and the flow of my writing generally. I don’t think it helps that university drummed into me a need to bulk out essays with unnecessary words (i.e. “mostly” becomes “for the most part” – that’s four words for the price of one!) so that I filled the appropriate word counts, even though I graduated six years ago…


Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely evening. I intend to continue editing and maybe treat myself later to watching some anime or catching up with my favourite TV shows, The Walking Dead and Supernatural. Love those Winchester brothers.




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