Creativity is like breathing

This week has been a bit tough for me. I don’t like to focus my posts too much on the subject of mental health, but as someone that suffers from depression and anxiety and wants to spread awareness, I feel like I’m open enough when talking about it in person, so I should be the same in writing.

So yes, I’ve had a rather low week, ruminating about my car troubles, often feeling stuck at home in a house that has a leaky roof… Oh and yesterday, I discovered Mother Nature had decided to worsen our situation by blowing over a huge tree on to one of our outbuildings. So there goes another roof that needs fixing.


I’ve been trying to force myself to do things, which is hard when you feel like you have nothing to get out of bed for (this obviously isn’t true when I’m feeling well). I’ve managed to do some editing, not nearly as much as I’d like but it’s better than nothing. I also did some painting the other night, which was nice as I haven’t done any for a few weeks. I find that I can only manage fulfilling one creative task at a time, so that’s always either writing, drawing/painting, card-making and singing. It’s like otherwise, my brain is overwhelmed with all these creative outlets and tells me to stop trying to multitask so much, aha.

I would like to try and alternate writing and painting though, as I only recently got an acrylic paint set for Christmas after expressing an interest and attending a local art group. I think I’ve picked it up reasonably well and just get so in the zone, it’s unbelievable. Like, hours feel like minutes and before I know it, it’s dark and time for bed. For anyone that’s interested in seeing some of my artwork, here are a few:


Anyone that’s a fan of One Piece will recognise the above and if not, you should really check it out. It’s an awesome manga/anime!

Below are images of a manga-style anniversary card that I made for my boyfriend in December, joking about us celebrating two years together.


I do have a Facebook page dedicated to posting my artwork, with plenty more of the above, as well as greetings cards I’ve made in the past.

Anyway, I should get back to editing. I’m currently on Chapter 15 out of 36 / Page 53 out of 146, so still a little way to go!

Have an awesome weekend everyone 🙂


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