If music be the food of love..

On Saturday I played a gig at a local Pizza Express Music Lounge with my band More Than Echoes. It was our second gig there and was a bit of a last minute thing arranged by one of our talented musical friends, Fred Clark, but I have to say it was just awesome! We had such a brilliant, engaging audience and it was just thrilling. Also, shockingly, my Nan came along, even though she was sat with my Mum and her horsey friends (she can’t stand horsey talk) and thought we’d play a song everyone would know (we do our own stuff). But yes, it was the first time since we started gigging that she’d seen us play, so I was really pleased and it just added so much more to the evening.

So I didn’t make the cut in #PitchMadness but it was an incredibly good, eye-opening experience and I’m glad I got involved. There’s also #SonOfAPitch on today, which seems so much harder as you have to limit yourself even more to just a mere 140 characters. I’m going to enter it anyway, so fingers crossed! Here is what I’ve come up with:

A female warrior from a parallel universe upends 17yo Rainy’s world. Their psychic link carries harmful consequences #SonOfAPitch #YA #SF

A female warrior from a parallel world upends 17yo Rainy’s life. Their psychic link has potentially fatal consequences #SonOfAPitch #YA #SF

On another note, the fighting between my geese hasn’t improved, as much as I try to split them up (which ends up with them going for me instead!) I did research the issue the other week and although we don’t actually know the genders, apparently it’s breeding season so that could explain the hostility, especially if they’re both male. It’s like, whenever one bruise heals, another one quickly replaces it… I wish they liked me.


I haven’t got much editing done today because I decided to spend a bit of time outside with the animals. I figured that it’s rare for us to see the sun lately in England, so 🙂 I’ve also been repeatedly listening to some of Ed Sheeran’s new songs, including Irish-themed Galway Girl and Nancy Mulligan. Honestly, if you haven’t listened to his new album, Divide, you’re totally missing out!



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