Productivity power up!

I’ve had a reasonably productive few days, particularly today for editing and yesterday for housework! I’m now towards the end of Chapter 17 out of 36 / Page 64 out of 145. Since I started, I’ve managed to reduce the word count by almost a thousand and have one less Word page. It’s surprising how much you can get rid of once you start cutting out excessive sentences and my typical rambling bits.

Since making a new Twitter writer account, I’ve connected with so many other awesome writers. It’s actually inspired me and given me motivation boost to continue to pursue getting my MS published. It’s also shown me different ways of reaching out to literary agents and publishers, like #PitchMadness and #SonOfAPitch. I know I said that I would get involved with the latter in my last post and what pitches I’d prepared for it, and although I didn’t expect much to come from it, I was pleasantly surprised to get two “likes” and therefore requests to send over a query. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for those and hope that something will come from them, as the agents/agencies both looked very suitable and worthwhile.

I’ve also joined a group conversation on Twitter to exchange and critique pitches, which is exciting to see other peoples’ work and to potentially learn from them (and of course, be incredibly jealous of their stories and writing abilities!)


Just an update regarding my car, I heard from my mechanic today who had sent off the ABS pump to be looked at by a specialist, and it turns out that it is totally knackered as predicted. A brand new one would be £360 (including VAT and postage to the garage) so it’s a pretty big dent in my current bank balance, but fortunately I had anticipated that it’d be costly and have a rainy day fund in my savings account. Including my mechanic’s work, it’s going to come to just over £500, but to be honest I would much rather get it fixed and keep my car than go through the stress and hassle of looking for another one, then have to hope its faultless and fully functional (you can never really be sure with second-hand cars from total strangers), change over the insurance, tax it, etc… Providing it resolves the problem, I’d much rather keep it. Hopefully I’ll have that back within the next week or so, so I no longer have to rely on others to ship me about, because I’m such a strong, independent woman! …No seriously, I hate feeling guilty about relying on others, just one of my awkward personality traits 😀


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