Logan is AWESOME

I saw Logan on Saturday and it was just incredible. I genuinely think that’s how all the former Wolverine films should have been. The guy has metal claws, for crying out loud, he should be decapitating people! (Bad guys, obviously…) And the young girl that played Laura/X-23 (Dafne Keen) was simply unbelievable, what a performance.

X23 in Logan 1-1

I’ve had an unproductive writing/editing day as I’ve not been sleeping well lately and so have struggled to focus. One day I might have a decent sleep pattern! On the upside, it has been a really nice, sunny day so I’ve had a serotonin boost at the very least.

I also did a bit of card-making last week as it was my boyfriend’s Dad’s birthday. I got some inspiration online and decided to make a funny Batman-themed card, as he’s a big DC/Marvel/all-round geek:


Here is also a painting that I did recently. I fancied trying to do some butterflies, which were oddly easier to do than the ruddy background. Backgrounds are actually pretty hard!


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend anyway. I’m going to be having a chilled out evening, going for a meal with my boyfriend at this awesome buffet place. Honestly, it’s just… drool… I’m going to eat so much food. Then, I imagine I’ll catch up with this week’s The Walking Dead.

Have a nice evening!

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