Sometimes you need to take a step back

I’ve had a bit of a break from my laptop recently, including writing/editing, as I’ve been quite stressed about a few personal issues, particularly my broken car! Just to give an update on that topic, I’m ultimately going to have to get rid of it. Basically, a previous owner tampered with the car and botched to make it work, and there’s a lot more wrong with it than originally thought. So I’m going to cut my rather large losses, try to claw back as much as I can and scrap the darn thing, as well as look for a new one.


As I’ve had some time away from a computer screen, I’ve managed to do some other creative things like card-making and painting. It’s been a while since I’ve had any birthdays or special occasions and so I haven’t really needed to make any greetings cards for anyone, but what with Mother’s Day, my Dad’s and boyfriend’s birthdays coming up over the next few weeks, I couldn’t really put it off any longer. Sooo, I made my Mum a Disney’s Aristocats themed card and I can’t really say about the other two in case they stumble across this post! (No risk with the former, my technically deficient mother…)

I finally finished off a painting that I started weeks ago. Usually I tend to finish them the same day but I just kept doing this one bit by bit. I’m not completely satisfied with the background; scenery doesn’t seem to be one of my strong points but hopefully I can work on that. Here is Edward Elric in a key, utterly heart-wrenching scene in the awesome manga/anime, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


#PitMad is taking place today on Twitter. Originally, I’d intended to participate but then changed my mind as I’m still working on editing my third person version, and also deciding on whether to use that one as my main submission in future. So rather than wasting an opportunity if I managed to get any favourites and sending my original first person version (which I’ve know decided needs an edit itself), I’d prefer to wait for the next competition and when I’m finished. That way, I’d ideally have a better success rate!

I’ve also decided that I think I should regard my MS as New Adult instead of Young Adult, as I feel like some of the issues raised in it (e.g. possessive/controlling/abusive behaviour) would be more suitable for an ever so slightly older audience. I feel as though it’s a good in-between, being in the middle of Young Adult and Adult.

Anyway, I may or may not do some editing this evening. I’m pretty undecided as my head’s been a bit over the place recently, so I’d hope that wouldn’t affect my writing ability but couldn’t really be sure. We shall see!


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