Things are looking up..sort of

Finally, things seem to be looking up for me, for the most part. I picked up my new car today, am having my old one picked up tomorrow to be scrapped and I’m not completely broke as a result.


So things are a bit better for me but not so much for my Mum (and I, obviously living with her), as last night I discovered a plumbing problem. I had a bath and let the water run away, then discovered the bidet and another toilet started filling up and flooded the bathroom and another room. My house is literally falling apart! They say these things come in threes so I hope that’s the case as I don’t think we can handle much more stress…


I do think that things I’ve been stressed about lately has affected my motivation to write/edit. It just feels like I’ve lost my mojo, I haven’t even tried to open up my MS document on my computer because I just don’t think I’ve been in the right frame of mind to work through it well. I am hoping that now I’ve got my new car and will be less isolated, I’ll get my writing mojo back. I’ll also be able to drive around my best friend’s (who works from home) with my laptop and proper knuckle down. I’ve definitely got lots to catch up on!

I had a brainwave the other day about my MS and wondered whether after I’ve done this edit (change from first to third person) and I don’t have any further luck with querying, I could perhaps add another element to the story. It’s evident that many agents are looking for #ownvoices stories and as someone with a long-term mental health condition, I could include a mental health aspect and have the main character, Rainy, as someone that suffers from the same condition. It could introduce a bit of a twist like her having suffered depressive episodes and struggled with suicidal thoughts in the past, and when she meets her parallel world counterpart and realises there is a completely different dimension out there to explore, it could give her a reason to want to live. It’s just an idea and I’d have to give quite a bit more thought into it, but I’d definitely consider it if I wasn’t successful in querying over the next year or so. It’d certainly add another dimension to the story and make the character relate-able for many people, and could also input a bit of tension between Rainy and Century (Century, who was born into a race of ruthless warriors and would obviously be totally against the idea of suicide and not understand mental health issues at all). Now I’m rambling.. Yeah. Just an idea 🙂



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