I am an amateur writer from South East England, specialising in Young Adult, New Adult, sci-fi and fantasy genres. I am currently seeking a literary agent and/or publisher to represent my debut novel, Duality: Two Worlds.

I will be blogging about my writing journey, along with the occasional post about everyday life, other creative outlets and many, many pictures of my pets, just to spice things up a bit every now and then.

Duality: Two Worlds

Witty teenager, Rainy, lives in a small town in England. When a tragic road collision caused by the object of her affections, Shaun, almost takes her life, Rainy’s world is forever changed. As she recovers, Rainy is haunted by unrealistic dreams about a striking green-eyed girl and an unfamiliar voice in her head.

Rainy does her best to distance herself from the increasingly dangerous Shaun, whom she discovers is a control freak and wanted criminal with a history of domestic violence. However at the same time, she discovers that the girl from her dreams is very much real. This mysterious stranger, Century, belongs to a mystical race of inhuman warriors from a different world. Before Rainy can run in fear, she realises that the voice in her head belongs to Century; they share an innate telepathic connection.

The girls’ unexpected and uninvited bond doesn’t end there and Rainy begins displaying superhuman powers of her own, putting everyone around her in danger as she struggles to control her new, destructive abilities. With Century desperate to return to her own world, the two girls must find a way to work together and solve both of their issues. But as they unravel the mysteries behind their psychic bond, the threat of Shaun and his violent cronies continues to grow and an altogether more inter-dimensional threat lurks in the near future. Eventually, the duo gel and when they discover a fatal method to send Century home, Rainy inexplicably follows her into the parallel world.


Duality: Two Worlds is a New Adult tale that combines fantastical science fiction with everyday teenage struggles and chronicles an intricate mystery spanning time and space, friendship and family, science and destiny.